Android Marshmallow 6.0 ; The Latest version of Android Operating System

If you are looking for a better and next android version then, your wait is over . Google has planned to release its next updated android operating system this year. You’re well-known of the previous lollipop and you have enjoyed it a lot but it has too much room that can be modified so you always have a need of the next version of the Android operating system. Google has revealed the next version of android as 6.0 and named it ‘Marshmallow’, Android M. However it is not released yet but for those who are much more curious about Android M , the previews are available in Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus player. Android Marshmallow 6.0 is much awaited and biggest update to android’s operating system . Developers begin to update their apps and launchers for upcoming Marshmallow , although its releasing date is not cleared but it’s coming soon in few months or it can be an autumn release for Marshmallow . Mainly as Lollipop release, Marshmallow is likely to be release in November and it may be with a new Nexus device . So as you know this all about , you must keen to know the features of Android M. Here are the well-known and best features of Android M.

Android M features


Google Now on Tap

The most impressive and new feature is Now on Tap ,this feature spreads Google Now throughout the operating system . Whatever you’re doing or wherever You are in the whole operating system, you just need a long press on the Home button and slides up from the bottom of screen . It has some very sensitive context and intelligent search algorithms which makes your searches easy then before. For example if you are looking at a celebrity page then you can have a voice search as “latest news about him” . It’s really a nice and pretty good feature that is added to Android M. You can have a look to its previews if you have a Nexus device.


Doze is introduced to save the battery life of the smart phones. It is a technology which allows the phone to be in extra sleep mode or you can say deep sleep mode when it found motionless or unused but it get available for the calls ,messages or VoIP. This sleep mode will save the battery life of your smart phones and make it more durable.

Fingerprint sensors and Android Pay

Android M supports for fingerprint sensors with Android Pay. Google is now helping you to make your transaction easy than before. Phones with scanner arriving soon may be in 2016 . Android Pay is something like that you have heard about Apple Pay , by this you don’t have any need to fish out your credit or debit cards every time to make quick purchase. It is safe and secure and simply a quick mode to transactions.  

Multitasking and Multi app Support 

This new operating system allows you to run multiple applications at a time in your smart phone, that you have already seen in Samsung’s Note devices. It is a newly added feature of Android M but it will be a boon to bigger devices like Nexus 6 that it never been a feature of Google’s own version of Android.
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