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Blackberry has taken a great step ahead in the terms of smartphones, now its going to launch a smart phone on Google’s Android platform. Rumours about Blackberry launching its first android based smart phone were already floating over the cyber space, but today Blackberry CEO John Chen put a full stop to these rumours by…

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If you are a computer science student or have a high interest in programming and coding then you should must have to learn these popular languages that are trending nowadays. For being a good programmer and earning a good amount of money you need to learn any programming language , so here are the list…

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1. Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers This book is simply the best one among all books that have written for Mechanical Engineering, If you don’t believe I used to tell you, this book is well-known as the Bible of Mechanical Engineering . It has completed its 90 years and now  you will get the…

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  In past few years you have went through many different messaging platforms , like WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, Hike, Facebook Messenger etc. After SMS you moved to the era of fast chat , apps like WhatsApp and Messenger made it quite easy. These applications used to revolutionize the messaging system through the years by…

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Many times you need a remote to control your PC or laptops same as you have for your TVs . As I think you must keen to know how to control PC and Laptops , and how to make your phone as a remote . Now you can easily control your laptops and PC by…

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If you are an ultimate gamer and you love to play different PC games, then be ready to play the most awaited and top 10 upcoming games of  this year . CtrlBook offering you a list of upcoming PC games that you must want to play once this year. PRAKASH KUMAR provides  you every details…

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Did you ever bothered to know about futuristic bike helmets ? If yes , then I need to tell you that the upcoming revolution in bike helmets are Skully helmets ,it  has some unbelievable features that you are not going to believe. Skully helmets are something like that you have seen in Iron Man series. Yes…

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You have enjoyed many versions of windows till now and went through every pros and cons of its different versions .You have also went through Windows 8 which was too good, but it’s the time for the latest successor of this class ie; Windows 10. Looking back to Windows 8, you can easily say that…

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Phones are always used to being modified according to time .In last decade you have seen many versions of phones. Nowadays smartphones are become a trend and you are enjoying the coolest features of latest smartphones and its again being modified for generation to come. Many companies are making all their effort to bring some…

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