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Do you have any idea that how to test the tablets in a retail store ? If No then this article is only for you. Generally we use many things to test a device but the important things like Display , Performance , Battery , Camera are must be tested to judge the quality of…

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Did you buy a new smart phone and want to test it out ? Here is the best way to test your smartphones .The first and foremost thing is to establish testing conditions.There have to be constants, so that each smart phone that you test is compared to others.For every specification of  smart phone you…

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Many of you sometime get bored by a same smartphone that you are having from a long time and you want something new. if you are not able to get the Apple phone then you can update your Facebook status via apple devices and make others believe that you have a new costly phone.Here is a trick…

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1. Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Asus Zenfone 2 is  way ahead of the others in terms of pure performance, and it’s no surprise why ? The things come with no one but 2 gigs of RAM. Zenfone 2 gets a booming response then the other Zenfones.If you are looking for a new smartphone that will…

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1. Driver Speedboat Paradise There are many android games like this  but If you really like speed boating then Driver Speedboat Paradise game is just for you . it has nice graphics that makes it pretty on large screen smartphones . Driver speedboat paradise is developed by Ubisoft . You can also customize your boat…

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Lollipop Forest

1. Clean Master Do you like a slow smartphone hanging in your hands? Absolutely not. No one likes that. Clean Master helps you to clean unwanted residual files, cache, junks, and give a boost to your phone making it work faster. Clean Master cleans gigabytes of storage without disturbing any of your data and files.…

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Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 have a little difference of threads, basically i7 is much better for video editing and rendering, 3-D modelling, gaming and high-end graphic works. You can choose i5 when you have uses like web browsing, emails, watching videos and app productivity etc. Core i7 is somehow better because it has…

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