Blackberry has taken a great step ahead in the terms of smartphones, now its going to launch a smart phone on Google’s Android platform. Rumours about Blackberry launching its first android based smart phone were already floating over the cyber space, but today Blackberry CEO John Chen put a full stop to these rumours by announcing Blackberry’s first Android based smart phone.

“Today I am confirming our plans to launch ‘Priv’, an android device named after blackberry’s heritage and core mission of protecting our customers privacy”
                –  John Chen


After changing the platform from its own Blackberry 10 to Android as it failed to gain the market shares, its quite interesting to see that Is this company regain it shares or not ? Blackberry’s first Android smartphone “Priv” is expected to arrive by end of 2015, and will be available both in offline and online stores.
So far rumours indicate that it will have a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge like curve screen, a qwerty keyboard slider,   18 Mega pixel camera, 3 GB ROM along with snapdragon processor.  Well, the company will release the specifications about it’s all new smart phone in the coming week. Blackberry is hoping the new phone is a hit, and will take the company to new heights, as the revenue of the quarter ending in August was very disappointing.
Company saw very sharp fall of its shares but the company still had enough capital to invest in new technology.

Chen said that company will keep surprising it’s customers by infusion of new technology. Chen also said that the company is committed to “Blackberry 10 OS”  and will release 10.3.3 version in March, 2016.

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