Control your PC and Laptops by smartphones

Many times you need a remote to control your PC or laptops same as you have for your TVs . As I think you must keen to know how to control PC and Laptops , and how to make your phone as a remote . Now you can easily control your laptops and PC by your android smartphones by just following some easy steps . These steps will lead you to enjoy a better and smooth use of your smartphone to access your PC and Laptop , for doing this you just have to download an application in your phone and by enabling the remote access of you computer you can control your PC or Laptops by your phone . Steps that helps you to do this are as follows.

1.  Open Playstore in your phone and Install ” Chrome Remote Desktop “ this app will help you to access your computer. By opening this app you will get as shown below
2. Open your PC and search  ” Chrome Remote Desktop ” in the Google Chrome after getting results open the first one , it will show you an option in right above corner ” Add to Chrome ” . Hit a Click to the option , now it is added to your chrome , after that launch the app and enter your email and information , your email should must be the same that you have entered in your smartphone.
3. After Launching this app Click on Get started shown under the My computer and then after Click on “ Enable the remote connections “.
4. Now you are downloading the “ Chrome Remote host ” after downloading Run this app .This app will help you to host your computer with your phone . it will ask you for a PIN and it will made a secured access to your computer.
5. Enter a security PIN and Open the Chrome remote desktop app in your phone . Your PIN should must be larger than six digit.
6. Now you find your PC Online in your phone’s “ Chrome remote desktop ” app click on your PC name ,enter the  PIN and enjoy the remote access to your PC by your phone . Refresh it open the app again if your PC is showing  Offline.
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