Facebook launches M , A competitor to Siri and Cortana


In past few years you have went through many different messaging platforms , like WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, Hike, Facebook Messenger etc. After SMS you moved to the era of fast chat , apps like WhatsApp and Messenger made it quite easy. These applications used to revolutionize the messaging system through the years by just providing features like sharing of images, videos, and locations . But it’s hard to manage the competitions between large number of messaging apps. Now a days WhatsApps and Facebook Messenger are in charm and Facebook is dominating all the way and having the largest number of users, as only WhatsApp has 800 million users throughout the World. After all Facebook looks quite forward to Facebook Messenger app and making it best among all apps of Messaging era. Facebook launches M, as a virtual assistant to the Messenger. By this launch Messenger can be the most useful messaging application in the world.

About M
Will you ever heard that the social media is trying its Virtual assistant ? If yes then you heard well, M is a virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri , Cortana and Google Now. But there is something different in M, it is a text-based assistant that it has fewer possibilities of errors. As you used Siri or Cortana ,sometimes it didn’t get through your voice and results something different, but if you will use a text command instead of a voice command then it will minimizes the possibilities of errors. So M can be an option to the users.
How it Works
As it is a text-based assistant, it always needs a text command. It works for you in your Facebook Messenger app , it is quite simple and didn’t have any complexities in its working .it just need a text  by you as a command , that you usually do with your friends . You can ask for ‘near by places ‘ , ‘reservations ‘ , and every thing else that you need.
M is completely new in the market, and you must keen to know that, Is it good to launch M ? When the world already has  Siri, Cortana and Google Now as famous virtual assistants . Facebook has everything like time, money and employees to work for their AI projects and it also has huge number of users all around the world, so it is not going to be a boon for Facebook ,they must try to make money by M, as the users used do the reservations and will go for shopping via M. Tie up with the companies made money to Facebook .

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