How to test your new Smartphones

Did you buy a new smart phone and want to test it out ? Here is the best way to test your smartphones .The first and foremost thing is to establish testing conditions.There have to be constants, so that each smart phone that you test is compared to others.For every specification of  smart phone you must use the same subject and testing condition,You have  to follow some steps for a complete test of your smart phone.Here is that How can you test your new smartphones.

Display Test


For the tests,first turn the display up to full brightness.The brightness level may differ ,but it ensure that each phone is as bright as it can be for the have to check for color shifts and gauge the viewing angles,which gives you a good idea of what you are working with.Next we take the phone in a complete dark room and open various images on display ,examine the colors and brightness.This is not a real world test,but one that gives us an idea of what the display is capable of without any outside interference .For a more objective look ,we use the tests on the browser to get an even better idea of the display . This is then followed by the app like Antutu which offer a display test of their own .This gives you an idea of the capacity of display.

Processor Test

The processor is one of the most important aspects of a smart phone, generally benchmarks are used to test the processor as they provide scores to the performance of processors. Benchmarks are good for gaining an objective perspective on the performance and one that can be  easily compared  to other smartphones. You can use the Antutu ,Geekbench 3 ,PC mark for android and 3D mark benchmark to test the processor’s performance.One thing is notable that this is always done on a freshly set up device and each bench mark is run from a fresh reboot.The 3D Mark  bench mark is a Graphic test ,but one that takes into account the entire system as a whole.Hence ,it is a very good benchmark for testing SoCs on smartphones.The Antutu and Geekbench tests are the major in the processor performance.

GPU Test


Have you seen mobile games today? They are becoming better by the day ,especially with companies like Marvel and Werner Brothers taking interest.The principle GPU test is GFX Bench,which is known for its GPU tests.In fact the Manhattan tests on GFX Bench were added quite recently ,in order in order to provide new GPUs coming now a days .It is the perfect Benchmark for the GPU performance  comparision .The most important test of GFX bench are the T-Rex and Manhattan tests,both on-screen and off screen.On the  on-screen tests the Benchmark simulates a gaming environment ,taking into account the phone’s display as well where as the off-screen test is done without taking display into account.

Camera Test


For the Camera test there are four basic light conditions that we test in sunlight ,yellow light ,indoor fluorescent lights and low light. In this test you must not move the subject used for our camera test the only movable thing is your camera ,you have to move your camera in different angles of same light condition.The camera should must be in auto mode,camera tweaks must not be used this is because smart phone cameras are meant to be point and shoot cameras , meant for everyday users.If a camera can do well on the auto mode ,then it can do so on the other modes as well.You can of course test the other modes out as well,but you have to do it separately,during regular usage.if a smart phone is too dependent on its tweaks ,then that in itself is a weakness.

Call Quality Test

It is still a phone after all ,so a review cannot be complete without ensuring proper call quality.For this we check for crackling or any other noise during calls.This is a two-way street ,meaning things have to be clear on both side. we also examine the in-call volume ,with and without the loudspeaker,means the sound must be clear and heard on both sides equally.

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