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Must have Android applications for every new smartphone user

1. Clean Master

app1Do you like a slow smartphone hanging in your hands? Absolutely not. No one likes that. Clean Master helps you to clean unwanted residual files, cache, junks, and give a boost to your phone making it work faster. Clean Master cleans gigabytes of storage without disturbing any of your data and files.

2. Facebook & Messenger

app2Facebook is world’s no. 1 social networking and so is its application. To use Facebook & Facebook’s messenger applications, you should have a Facebook account. Facebook app enriches your experience on the social networking while you are on the go. Messenger comes as an independent app with really nice features. You can login with your Facebook account and enjoy immersive chatting experience on messenger.

3. WhatsApp

app3Whatsapp is a simple messaging app with loads of quality features. It helps you connect with your friends and families. WhatsApp allows sharing of data, pictures, audio, video, contacts and even the location.


4. Opera Mini  

app4Opera Mini is  a web browser and has quality features and fast response. it is easy in use and it also save your data while browsing. Opera Mini has some attracting features that make you feel comfortable while browsing.

5. Google Chrome

This app helps you to enjoy easy and simple web browsing .it is developed by google and has minimal designing for sophisticated technology to make a fast browsing experience.

6. Pocket

appSometimes you need to save any article or file to use it later due to your busy schedule. Pocket app is used to save articles, data or videos to read or watch later. Pocket app is always used for offline reading of saved pages and files.

7. Shareit

app7If you get tired of transferring data with a slow speed then Shareit helps you a lot. Shareit app allows you to transfer big files, apps, songs etc., with a very fast speed to other Shareit enabled devices.

8. Nova Launcher 

app8Nova Launcher is a decorating launcher which  allows you to use a variety of themes and app icons. it gives an amazing look to your phone.

9. Doodle Launcher

app9Are you get tired of same look of your phone? This app helps you a lot. Whenever you need to decorate your phone internally you can use launchers, Doodle Launcher is a fast working launcher which have quality of themes and icon pack.

10. Go Locker

app10If you get bored by the same and  single lockers that you are using from a long time . Go Locker app allows you to use a large variety of screen lockers which may look beautiful in your phone.

11. MxPlayer or VLC

app11 app12These apps are the best high definition video player for android smartphones. Mx Player and VLC have the fastest speed for  loading videos and songs and also have quality features that provides you best video quality and nice watching experience.

12. Weather

app13Weather app is used for weather forecasting .You can use this app for checking the weather details of different places, it gives you all details about weather. Weather app uses the GPS platform of android smartphones to get the locality or place.

13. Evernote

app14Evernote app can be used to save the notes and articles you used to write, by this you may easily continue your article at any time when you are free. You may also use it for offline reading of articles or saved pages.

14. Duolingo

41a0a88a-3014-4c43-9a0f-85ac04c3fd87Duolingo helps you to read and understand the different languages that you want to know. You may use this app as a language teaching tool.

15. App Lock

app15App Lock can be  used to protect the data and files of different apps in your android smartphone with a password or pattern. it helps you when you need to protect your data from an unwanted user.

16. Avast antivirus & security 

app16Avast antivirus & security is the most trusted antivirus app for your android smartphones. It provides security to your data and files. This app has the variety of features and makes your phone better and secure.

17. Twitter

You can use this app to get a quick access to your twitter account. it must minimize your time and allows you to enjoy a better and simple use of your twitter account.

18. Dropbox

app18Dropbox app is the last app in must have applications category an amazing app for sharing your documents, files with all your device and PC. Dropbox helps you to access your important files and documents, it sync files and documents between all your computers. you can use this app n your android device.

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