Top 10 upcoming PC games of 2015-16

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If you are an ultimate gamer and you love to play different PC games, then be ready to play the most awaited and top 10 upcoming games of  this year . CtrlBook offering you a list of upcoming PC games that you must want to play once this year. PRAKASH KUMAR provides  you every details in this article, like the System requirements to play these highly animated and interesting games on your PC and he also discussed all necessary elements  about these games . So have a look to the top 10 upcoming PC games of this year.



Tony hawk’s pro skater 5 is coming with its amazing new features that offers you the ability to customize your own skaters . This game will create a park , It is the best skateboard game that you ever used to play. It has a high quality of graphics and has nice features that will make you crazy about it . This game has selection of levels based on real-world location and levels will have multiple objectives , obstacles and gaps for the players to discover something new and interesting . Users can play both off-line and on-line mode . It is scheduled to be release on platform PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 , Xbox one.




Alekhine’s Gun is an upcoming third person stealth action game set during the cold war developed by Maximum games. It is a single player game and has high graphics ,this game used to make you an Agent Alekhine , a skilled Russian assassin who works alongside American CIA agents in an operation .This game has a high range of weapons that you can use silent takedowns , disguises , poisons ,  knives , firearm , wire garrote , and a variety of weapons to complete the mission .It has numbers of thrilling missions that you never dreamed of and you will get surprised by its amazing thrills after plying few minutes .

Platform : PlayStation 4, Xbox one , Microsoft Windows.

Release date: November 10 2015.



Need for speed is best racing game ever played by you as a mad gamer , and must be waiting for the new version of NFS . This game has the millions of lovers and it must that you are one of it . So get ready for the most thriller NFS ever , this new version has every thing that you have dreamed to be . This version of NFS is developed by Ghost games and as every NFS it also have both modes single-player as well as multi-player mode. EA releasing the game in first week of November on three platforms PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One . For the PC version it requires Core i3 2.9GHz processor , 30GB HDD space , 4GB Ram, Geforce GTX 260,660(OEM).



This new version of COD Black OPS is going to be released on November 6 , 2015. After the ultimate success of first two parts , Activision releasing it on the PC, PlayStation 4 , 3 Xbox ONE Xbox 360 Platforms . COD Black OPS also has both modes SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer . It requires Core i5 3.3Ghz processor , 8 GB RAM , 55GB HDD space , 4GB of Video memory . In previous there were two stories one is the ” shadow of evil” and other is “The Giant”, In BLACK OPS 3 you can expect the new Zombies and new characters that will rise your interest and excitement for this new version . er.



Rise of the tomb raider is an upcoming action adventure game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Microsoft Studios and Square Enix . It is the sequel of the 2013 video game Tom raider . Releasing on November 10 for Xbox one , Xbox 360 and late 2016 for PlayStation 4 , and early 2016 for Microsoft windows platforms . You can just wait for few months to control the Lara Croft in updated version of Tomb Raider . In this you have to go through an ultimate Action & Adventure to find the different Myths around the world and by facing number of enemies to solve the puzzles . The dangerous jumps on the mountains will thrilled you and you must enjoy the bloody fight with the Giants . So be ready for this awesome sequel.

Ststem requires : Core i5 2.4GHz processor , 2 or more video memory ,(4GB RAM 12GB HDDpredicted).

 WWE 2K16


WWE 2k16 is wrestling game of WWE universe. Published by 2K sports for the PlayStation 3 , 4 Xbox one , Xbox 360 Platforms . You can Play this game by the emulator (PPSSPP) but the speed & graphics will not be the same while you used to play with emulator . WWE 2K16 has the different modes of play such as  first blood , ladder match , Career mode which will make this game amazing . This game will give you a lot of excitement when you will play it with your friends . In this new version you have power to attack other wrestlers during their entrance, you can also improve the referee and manager . The new and amazing animations of this game are making it totally different from others , this game has everything to amaze you. 



Mad Max is an upcoming vehicular action video game set in an open world environment and based on the Mad Max film series . It is being developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros . It provides vehicles to fight with enemies and it allows a high range of customization to your vehicles .This game is as same as the movie Mad Max and it has high quality of graphics that are able to attract you and made you to play it again and again . 

Platform : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows ,GNU/Linux platform.

Releasing on : September 1, 2015

System Requirements : Core i7 3.4GHz processor , 8GB RAM , 32GB HDD space , GeForce GTX 760 nvidia GPU.



Assassin’s creed Syndicate is an Action-Adventure video game being developed by Ubisoft . It is series of Assassin’s creed game , the Syndicate came with new Graphics and has a quality of resolution . Assassin’s creed Syndicate makers introduced something new in this ,it’s the first time in the series where the player can freely switch between the two different protagonists.The Assassin’s weapons of this time includes brass knuckles , a compact revolver , a sword and a knife. 

Platform : PlayStation 4 , Xbox one , Microsoft windows .

Release date : October 23 2015.

System requirement : Core i7 3.4GHz processor , 8GB RAM , 50GB HDD space , GeForce GTX 780 , 680 NVIDIA GPU.



This is a shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal . In this game player has a control over an operator from the Rainbow team , that is a counter-terrorist unit . In this game there are different operators and they have different nationalities , abilities , perks and equipments . There are numbers of powerful weapons like grenades and breach ,In this you can plan your attacks before the match begins , it’s going to be more interesting as you need . You can also send drone to take a view of the environment that is established in the game plan and also to find the enemies . This game is highly awaited and its graphics will amaze you.

Platform: Microsoft windows, PlayStation 4,Xbox one.

Release date: October 13,2015

System requirement : Minimum core i5 3.3GHz processor,8GB RAM,50GB HDD space,GeForce GTX 670 Nvidia GPU

 FIFA 16


FIFA is a most interesting and amazing game that you ever used to played,every time the newer version of it came with a bang and in a new style,it allows both modes single or multiplayer.It also allows to play online using online mode and you can save the replay of goals to the EA site. Its first time that FIFA includes female football players with 12 women’s National Teams.This game contains 78 stadiums and 50 real-world venues . A new training mode is also added to the career mode that allows players to developed their skills.

Platform : PlayStation 3,4 Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, IOS, Microsoft windows.

Release date : September 22 & 24 , 2015.

System requirement : Minimum Core i3 2.5GHz , 4GB RAM , 15GB HDD space , Nvidia GPU GetForceGTX 650 1GB.




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