Top 5 Books for Mechanical Engineering students

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1. Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers
This book is simply the best one among all books that have written for Mechanical Engineering, If you don’t believe I used to tell you, this book is well-known as the Bible of Mechanical Engineering . It has completed its 90 years and now  you will get the 11th edition of  this standard book. This book is the comprehensive guide that provides easy access to all the fields of Mechanical Engineering , it made easy to understand all the engineering and mathematical principles .It is also a best reference book that gives every answers to your questions, the latest edition of this book includes higher technologies like electronics,nanotechnology and biotechnology.This book was written by  Eugene A. Avallone, Theodore Baumeister, and Ali Sadegh.
2. Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design
If you are a mechanical engineer you must know the importance of designing in Mechanical Engineering , this book is only based on the concepts of designing and it is the best machine designing book over 40 years for Mechanical Engineers. The 8th edition of this book is rolling these days and covered all basic concepts of designing , this is well-known and standard book you can choose these book for your studies if you are looking forward to designing.
3. Machinery’s Handbook
This book is also as a holy book for Mechanical engineering , it has its 28th edition nowadays and completed it 100 years of success . It is a best resource for Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering . This book covers all about material properties , machine elements, manufacturing process etc , it is also a best seller book for Mechanical Engineering so this is another important book Mechanical Engineering students.
4. Fundamental of Thermodynamics 
You are well-known of thermodynamics, this book is written by Claus Borgnakke  and Richard E Sonntag . It is one of the most popular and success books for Mechanical Engineering , it helps them to strengthen the knowledge of thermodynamics . It covers all the easy text and illustration for classical thermodynamics ,you can easily get its 7 th edition in market.
5. Material Science and Engineering : An Introduction
This book is the best book on materials , if you are a good engineer you should must have to know about materials and their properties . This book covers all the important materials as polymers ,ceramics ,metals, and composites . This has its 8th edition and it is ultimate book for a design engineer.


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