Top 5 programming languages of 2015

If you are a computer science student or have a high interest in programming and coding then you should must have to learn these popular languages that are trending nowadays. For being a good programmer and earning a good amount of money you need to learn any programming language , so here are the list of Top 5 programming languages that are highly demanded and useful.
1. Java
In recent years where android and smart phones are emerged as the best money-making elements of technical field and it leads to re-emergence of Java as the best programming language. Java has become the first choice of any programmer, Java is every where today  in phones, ATMs,  TVs,  games, dynamic websites and mainly used to make application. Now it is the highly demanded language so it get the first in this list of Programming languages. If you have a need to learn Java then you can use these top books as reference book for Java.
“Complete Reference Java” by Herbert Schildt
“Head First Java”  by Kathy Sierra
“Think in Java”  by Bruce Eckel
“Effective Java”  by Joshua Bloch
2. C
Although C is the one of the oldest programming language but it is widely used programming language till date. it is basically the parent of languages like java , c++ ,c# ,limbo etc. if you want to build a strong programming foundation then you have to learn C first then you can go for other easily. After this it is quite simple to learn any languages. Some top books that you can prefer for learning C are

The C Programming Language” by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie

C Programming: A Modern Approach” by K. N. King

“Data Structure Using C” by A. K. Sharma

3. C++
C++ is totally different from c, as it is an object oriented language . It also has a huge applications, whenever you need to do low-level hard-core programming only  C++ helps you. This programming language has been used in the operating system like windows as it is written in C++. so it is an evergreen programming language. The top books for this language are.
“The C++ Programming language”  by Bjarne Stroustrup, He is the creator of C++.
“The C++ Standard Library: A tutorial and Reference”  by Nicolai M. Josuttis
“Essential C++”  by Stanley B. Lippman
4. PHP
Are you well-known of websites ?  Almost all websites over the Internet has the PHP coding . This is the only language which is mainly used to develop a website and you can found it every where on the Internet. If you are an Internet lover then you can choose this language as your career. It may give you a lot of money, the best book that you can prefer for it is  ” PHP and MySQL Web Development ” by Luke Welling
5. JavaScript
JavaScript has covered all the Internet, the reason behind it is that it supports all the Browsers and it is the best language to make an attractive website. This language has most demanded nowadays as the websites are revolution to the Internet world. So you can choose this language also to learn , the best books are

JavaScript and jQuery by Jon Duckett

JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford



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