Tips and Tricks (3) Tips and tricks is a category division for ctrlbook .In this section we use to provide some cool and interesting tricks to our readers.


Many times you need a remote to control your PC or laptops same as you have for your TVs . As I think you must keen to know how to control PC and Laptops , and how to make your phone as a remote . Now you can easily control your laptops and PC by…

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Did you buy a new smart phone and want to test it out ? Here is the best way to test your smartphones .The first and foremost thing is to establish testing conditions.There have to be constants, so that each smart phone that you test is compared to others.For every specification of  smart phone you…

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Many of you sometime get bored by a same smartphone that you are having from a long time and you want something new. if you are not able to get the Apple phone then you can update your Facebook status via apple devices and make others believe that you have a new costly phone.Here is a trick…

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