Unbelievable futuristic bike helmets ; Skully helmets

Did you ever bothered to know about futuristic bike helmets ? If yes , then I need to tell you that the upcoming revolution in bike helmets are Skully helmets ,it  has some unbelievable features that you are not going to believe. Skully helmets are something like that you have seen in Iron Man series. Yes these helmets are extraordinary and has some beautiful features , it is costly but it has a high range of unbelievable features. As you are living in the era of technology development so you need something that helps you in your daily life so you must going to wait for these helmets as it makes your biking easier than before . Here are some important and extravagant features of Skully helmets that makes you surprised.

Phone and Music

Skully helmet has a very interesting feature of Phone and Music , it provides you automatic call receiving , it just need a Yes ! to receive a phone call while biking . You can also listen to Music by just giving your simple commands for playing music in Skully helmets . Many times you need to stop the bike for just a phone call , but now you don’t have any need to do this , these helmets are really best things to save your time and also going to work as your headphones, after this you never need your headphones while biking . You can keep talking while biking ,Skully helmets are going to change your lifestyle so be ready to enjoy the surprising features of Skully helmets.

GPS Navigation


GPS navigation is one of the best features of Skully helmets , It used to provide the direction and navigation , that you can see it on a screen and it also has voice commands that make you easier to choose your way and it tells that where to turn next and where to go . It really seems amazing and very helpful to common people as it makes you to reach your destination easily . These are some extravagant features in Skully helmets that making it best and costly helmets ever.

Rear view Camera

Rear view camera is used give the total view of rear side that if any vehicle is coming nearer to the bike it used to show it on the front screen . These rear view cameras are on the both sides of helmets to provide each and every side views . It helps you to see the faster and fastest vehicles that are coming to you and it will reduce the bike accident .

Transparent display in front

Skully helmets also has a screen in its front that helps you to see everything necessary like GPS navigation and rear view shown by the rear cameras , it is one of the important and attractive feature of Skully helmets . It also helps you to see the rear views by using the rear cameras that are placed on the both sides of helmets .It is just an assumption that I am telling you , as you know it is an upcoming feature. More information about this screen will be updated soon in this article .
Watch this video for more information.


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