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Phones are always used to being modified according to time .In last decade you have seen many versions of phones. Nowadays smartphones are become a trend and you are enjoying the coolest features of latest smartphones and its again being modified for generation to come. Many companies are making all their effort to bring some really amazing features to the future smartphones . As I think ,you must keen to know some of the highly awaited,unbelievable and upcoming features in future smartphones .If yes then go through this piece of article,here are some expected upcoming features in future smartphones.  

1. 32 core processors

Are you expecting something related to processors in future smartphones . If not then you can easily expect for 32 core processor. In upcoming years, your smartphones must have 32 core processor.Companies are looking forward to introduce 32 core processor in phones that makes it fast working. it is really an interesting and amazing feature that can be expected in future smartphones.

2. Flexible screen

In upcoming years the size of smartphones must be increased to make you feel comfortable in watching movies and in playing your favorite games.Maintaining a pocketable size of large smartphones is a problem but you need not to be worry about it .The Flexible screen concept will make it possible, that you can easily fold or unfold your smartphones as per your needs. So this is a very interesting feature of future smartphones  that you are waiting for.ctrlbook.com35

3. In Built projectors

Only large screen smartphones are not going to fulfill your needs, you must need something extravagant such as In built projectors in smartphones. So it is also an amazing futuristic feature which has to come in upcoming years. After this you will just need a flat surface instead of a big TV screens to watch your videos and to play your games. ctrlbook.com40

4. Your eyes and voice be the password

Do you ever dreamed to open your smartphone by retina ? If yes then your dream comes true in upcoming years. You must have a high security functions in your smartphone that locks will get open by your voice and by your eye’s retina . Companies like Apple and Samsung are competing each other to be first to provide these functions in smartphone.  So it’s not going to be longer to get eye authentication in smartphones.


5. At least one week battery backup

Two Companies  Apple and ROHM (Semiconductor maker) are working together to provide such power cells that could last for weeks by recharging once. Hydrogen cells are well-known for it , produced by Apple and ROHM.
But a new technology called lithium-ion micro batteries developed by University of Illinois, are supposed to be 2,000 times more powerful than Li-ions batteries.So it solves your all problem related to batteries of smartphones and you don’t need to charge your phone’s battery everyday.  

6. 3D Screen of smartphones 

Nowadays you used to watch 3D movies in movie halls or in your TV rooms but in upcoming years your smartphone is just being enough to show you a 3D movies or  holograms.  Smartphones screens are being developed in such a way that you can easily play 3D games or watch 3D movies. So be ready to enjoy these futuristic features in your upcoming smartphones.

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