Windows 10 is the best successor of its class

You have enjoyed many versions of windows till now and went through every pros and cons of its different versions .You have also went through Windows 8 which was too good, but it’s the time for the latest successor of this class ie; Windows 10. Looking back to Windows 8, you can easily say that it was good for touch-based computing,but when you made a use of PC with keyboard and mouse it is awkward and frustrating . Something that exactly happens is , Developers did their best to avoid Windows 8 and regular users also didn’t used to flock towards it. While using Windows 8 in tablets was a nice experience,but now Microsoft is trying to solve the every problems with Windows 10. Everyone is quite excited for Windows 10 but some people are in dilemma that it is good or not and have many questions in their mind like Is it right to flock towards Windows 10 ? or Is it right to choose Windows 10 over Windows 7 or 8 ? So I need to tell you that Windows 10 is the best Windows among all, it really seems good on the screen and different changes are made to it to fix the problems of Windows 8. If you are updating to Windows 10 then be ready for the surprises. Here are some best features of Windows 10 that will make you surprised.

Start Menu Returns

In Windows 7 you have seen the start menu in the lower left corner of the screen while it get removed in windows 8 , but it again backs with a new look  in Windows 10. Instead of providing you a completely different and new screen , Microsoft just reinvent the start menu in Windows 10 but they didn’t change the live menu tiles that they used to invent in Windows 8 . Now it doesn’t take the whole monitor (if you didn’t want ) for the easy access of applications ,you can easily use the new start menu for the access of  traditional and modern apps as per use . As a whole Windows 10 looks  perfect on-screen and it also provides many customization to the start menu . Without introducing any new theme in Windows 10, Microsoft used to make it something new , it seems like an updated version of Windows 8 and it is not boring as Windows 7 you will must enjoy it .




Cortana gets its place in Windows 10, it works like an assistant to you . Its visual interface is really nice and made it very useful, it keeps everything necessary in a virtual notebook that can be remembered again as per use. Cortana reminds you everything that you want ,it gives all information about whether,news etc . The main thing is that it can be used in Android and IOS  with the same information that it gets from your laptop,it get synced up with your computer. This is really a nice feature , it also searches for you that it will search files and documents stored in different drives of computer. After using Cortana for sometime you must feel that Microsoft makes it good by integrating it all the way , it’s a regular assistant that works for you.This might be your favorite feature in Windows 10.


The Edge Browser

A  new web browser is introduced in Windows 10 in the place of Internet Explorer named as Edge ,but Internet Explorer is get not totally removed it can be seen in Edge that it have an option “Open with Internet Explorer” by this you can access with Internet Explorer. Edge is a new browser but it doesn’t come through your expectations that you need in a modern browser. It have some attractive features like ‘ Sharing of screenshots with friends ‘ but you get bored with it after using for sometime while Cortana comes with Edge for helping you and making you fast but Edge has lack of features than a modern browser that makes it same as the past Microsoft Browsers . It allows downloading automatically without asking where they get stored, these are the some limitations but Cortana has integrated with Microsoft Edge makes it something new to use.


New Apps , Virtual Desktops , Google Calendar

Some new features are making Windows 10 best successor of its class and giving it a fantastic look on-screen . The best thing is that the Google Calender is working now , new Calender app also seems good . You can access Google Calender using your Google account while you also need your Google account to  use Cortana .You also find great and interesting to invent the Virtual Desktops ,it seems really nice in Windows 10 . Some apps are introduced and the new features making it faster than other versions . Overall you must going to enjoy it , I just used to give a simple and short review of Windows 10 that it might help you to update to Windows 10 ,because it’s really the best one from Microsoft.


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